Pretty Lady Reveals Why She Fell in Love And Married A Disabled Man (DETAILS)

Pretty Lady

A Pretty lady called Mayfair shared how people made unpleasant comments after seeing her wedding photos with her disabled husband.

This pretty lady and her disabled husband got married in 2020 and according to Mayfair, before she met her disabled husband, she hasn’t even been friends with any man in his condition before.

Mayfair was granted an interview about love and she made it known that, when she started sharing her love story with her husband online, many people had so many nasty comments to the extent that some made it clear she married him for his money which according to Mayfair is not true.

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According to this pretty Mayfair, their love is stronger than what people think and they are able to survive so abuse on social media, as it stands now they are expecting their first child together soon.

Her husband also said that, even though he was expecting some negative comments on social media, it always feels strange reading them.

Mayfair also added that they were best of friends before they became lovers, revealing that they spent so much time together. She added that even though they got married in August 2020, their wedding photos came out much later.

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