No Regrets Should My Children See My Atopa Photos Online – Shugatiti


Shugatiti, a socialite and nudist from Ghana, has admitted that she would gladly take off her clothes for $30,000 if given the opportunity.

In a chat with YouTuber Fire Lady, Shugatiti added that she won’t regret it if her kids grow up seeing her naked pictures all over the web.

“I’ll take $30,000 to take nude photos. She responded, “I will gladly do it, and I won’t regret it if my children grow up and see my nudes on the internet.

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After saying this, Shugatiti disclosed she is dating a man whose family is aware of their connection. “I’ll settle down one day. I’ve got a date. My involvement in their son’s life is known to his family, she continued.

Speaking about her work as a nudist, she said that while many Ghanaians claim they don’t enjoy it, they enjoy watching some Hollywood celebs get n*ked.

“They do concur with it and simply detest the fact that I am the one doing it, yet they will visit Nicki Minaj’s page to comment, “Oh lovely, oh nice,” on her posts before going to Cardi B’s page to say the same thing.

But the fact that you are black turns people off. They’ll ask questions such as, “Why would you do that,” etc. We are creatures. They are just hypocrites in my opinion. They enjoy it but are reluctant to confess it, she said.