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“No man on earth can satisfy me in bed, this is why – Shugatiti reveals


Shugatiti, a socialite and nudist from Ghana, thinks that due of her insatiable sexual appetite, no man can make her feel satisfied in bed.

Shugatiti admitted that despite having had innumerable affairs with men, she has never been truly satisfied by coitus.

She claimed that no amount of sexual satisfaction from hours of strokes would cause her to reach climax.

Despite having a strong libido and being nearly always ready for sex, she explained that no male had yet been able to make her cum.

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Considering the number of men who, despite their great drive, failed to make her scale the heights of sexual happiness, she claimed with confidence that no man in the world would be able to o

Interstingly, Shugatiti added that she still has a high sexual drive and would not, in the name of sexual satisfaction, stop exploring herself, having more fun in bed, and allowing men to make out with her.

She also braggeed about her bedroom skills and her admirable energy levels, which always leave the men wanting more of her.

“You can’t satisfy me; I’ve never had a cum and I don’t experience orgasms.” My doctor responded that it was normal when I asked because not all ladies will experience orgasms.

“Because I don’t experience climax, trying to make me feel good is out; you just have to match our level of activity till we tire.

“I love having sex; I love becoming drenched; I love the penetration and the way things go in and out. I also prefer working long hours, like all day. I don’t experience fatigue. The reality is, everyone I’ve had sexual relations failed to match my enthusiasm, she told ZionFelix in an interview.


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