Netizens React To Rare Video Of KiDi’s Baby Mama


Finally, Ghanaians had the opportunity to see KiDi’s Baby Mama in a viral video and have voiced their thoughts on her.

The multi-award-winning singer has done an excellent job of keeping her son’s mother out of the spotlight until now.

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KiDi rarely mentions her and uses staged antics and entanglements with Cina Soul to divert our attention away from his baby mama.

Nothing stays hidden forever under the sun, as the adage goes. In the instance of KiDi and his baby mama, this situation played out.

Babette, KiDi’s baby mama, was spotted hanging out with their kid Zayn at a friend’s birthday party in a video that went viral on social media.

Some speculated that the woman was KiDi’s sugar mummy and that he was in a relationship with her to milk her for money but, like Kelvynboy, accidentally got her pregnant.

Others speculated that the reason KiDi doesn’t mention her in his interviews is that he intended to marry cina Soul instead of Babette because she is older.

In the video below, you can see the lovely lady.