Netizens React As Tems Stops Wizkid From Holding Her Huge Behind (Video)

Netizens React As Tems Stops Wizkid From Holding Her Huge Behind (Video)

Netizens have heavily criticized Wizkid for making an attempt to carry Tems on stage during their performance.

Tems and Wizkid have been trending on social media for some days now, and it’s all about what Netizens think about what Wizkid tried doing to Tems when they were performing together recently, many social media users have reminded him that Tem is not Tiwa Savage who will allow you do whatever you want.

I think the comments from Netizens including Tiwa in this case are simple and I want to remind you that Wizkid and Tiwa Savage always have great chemistry when they perform together on stage.

Aside from that, these two artists are close to the extend that some people think they are dating or secretly going out. Tiwa Savage normally allows Wizkid to do whatever he wants with her once they perform together.

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Don’t forget that Wizkid was great during the show and he made sure all his fans were entertained with his great performance with Tems on the last day of his three-night event at the O2 Arena.

Wizkid had many talking after the moment he tried to carry her on stage, and this is what he normally does to Tiwa Savage, but this time he wasn’t allowed as Tems pushed his hands away from her.

After Wizkid’s effort to carry Tems failed Netizens have also reacted angrily to Wizkid’s attempt to carry Tems on stage, they reminded him that Tems is not the same as Tiwa Savage as I stated above. Some also made him know that Tems doesn’t like and will not allow him to kiss, and do anything he likes with her on stage.

Tems has finally come out to defend Wizkid by making a video hugging Wizkid on stage during one of their performances, claiming that it was only a reciprocal move of what Tems did with him on stage previously.

Watch the video below: