Nana Tea Has Changes The Life Of A Little Girl Who Survived A Dangerous Accident – VIDEO

Nana Tea

Nana Tea, a philanthropist and content creator from Ghana, recently gave a young girl who lost her leg in an accident a scholarship to celebrate her fifth birthday.

Nana Tea shared the young girl’s progress on his TikTok page, who just missed an accident that killed 20 people in 2021.

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Nana describes the little girl’s recovery as “miraculous,” noting that her leg’s condition is gradually improving and increasing the likelihood that she will be able to return to school.

While she marked her 5th birthday, Nana Tea offered to give her a scholarship that would cater for her academics.

“In 2021 she survived an accident that claimed 20 lives. Unfortunately, she has lost one leg. Tomorrow is her birthday .????? Happy birthday Angel,” he wrote.

Check out the emotional video below

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