“My girlfriend says the GH¢500 monthly I give her is too small,” – Man needs your advice (Read More)

A disturbed man is contemplating as to continue with a relationship with his girlfriend who does not seem to appreciate the monthly stipend he gives her.

The story of this young man is somehow painful and it is forcing some of us to think the lady is greedy. According to the young man, he gives his girlfriend a monthly tip of GH¢500 out of his GH¢2800 monthly salary as a worker at a bank.

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This guy is soo caring to the extent that he also does other things for her but the girlfriend has told him that the money she gets from him every month is too so he should increase it.

Meanwhile, this young man has been sending her the Gh¢ 500 every month and has never failed to send her the stipend. He made a post on his story on Jodel where he asked for advice to help him decide on whether to continue with the relationship or not.

The money this young man gives his girlfriend is almost 18 percent of his entire salary, that is GH¢500 out of GH¢2800 represents almost 18 percent of the man’s salary. Just like Oliver Twist, this lady or girlfriend is still asking for more.

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The interesting part of this story is that aside from the ¢500 he gives this girl every month, he also takes care of his shelter, clothes, and food.

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