My boyfriend proposed to me with the same old ring he used for his ex- Lady seeks advice

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A Lady seeks advice online from Counselor Joro Olomofin by revealing that her lover has proposed to her with the same old ring he used for his ex.

The internet has been hot with a lot of surprises. This time we are presenting you with another funny story about a 32-year old woman who has come out to show her confused state because he proposed to her using the same ring he used for his ex-girlfriend. The Lady says, she feels awkward wearing the ring although she cannot wait to be his wife as soon as possible.

She posted this 👇

“He proposed to me with the same ring he used for his ex. I am feeling mixed feelings at the moment. My boyfriend of two years proposed and I’m happy but not so happy too.

He proposed to his ex and they called off the engagement. It’s a beautiful ring but I feel it’s for someone else. It’s expensive and he said he can’t buy another one till later.

I’m grateful because I’m 32 years old and it’s not easy to find another man outside so I don’t want to make it like I’m ungrateful at all. But I don’t like the ring.

And I recognized the ring from the picture he and his ex took. He has been asking me to post on all my social media but his ex can be laughing at me right now.

Should I be happy? A lot of my mates are single and not even getting any man to date. I don’t feel like wearing it but I want to be married”.

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