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I still wear diapers 6 years after I stopped being gay – Former gay confesses


Former Ghanaian gay man has shared story of how he was able to quit being homosexual years ago.

The Ghanaian man who repented from homosexuality has indirectly called on persons within the LGBTQ+ community to change from their ‘evil ways’. The former gay man is also in support of the anti-LGBTQ+ bill that has been presented to parliament.

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In his interview with Kingdom FM, he narrated how he became gay some years ago.

‘’I was introduced to gay during school time, hence it was not by my own will to join, a group of people lured me into it,” He said

The host of the show asked him how everything started, and he said,

“I was late to school. For my punishment. My teacher gave me a machete to go and weed the compound, as I was weeding, one of the senior students passed by and asked me if I was a student. And I responded yes, then he said he has never set his eyes on me before.”

According to the former gay, his senior made him put the machete down and go back to class to join his friends. Later, the teacher who gave him the punishment confronted the senior who ‘bailed him outand all he saw was an argument between them.

The young man made it known that since that day none of the teachers on campus punished him and it was at that juncture that the senior started showing him love with gifts, attention, and protection.

Now their friendship developed after some time and according to him, the senior one day invited him to a friend’s birthday where he got intoxicated and the only thing he recalled was when he woke up and found himself naked beside his colleague.

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‘’I will like to advise every guy listening that gay is not a good thing it’s a spirit, is difficult to come out. Most gay people, what they do is shower you with money and a big gift. Be careful who you take a gift from or else you will fall into their trap’’ he cautioned.

 “For over six years now, I am still wearing a diaper, I can’t go to gatherings because I can’t sit for a longer period. So I am pleading with my friends to stay away from gay activities It’s evil and will damage your future.

 ‘’Let’s say NO to the gays and the rest it’s satanic, humans are not supposed to do it. I have regretted today before I didn’t know I was doing myself harm until I became sick’’ he noted.

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