(Men Only): 5 Ways To Satisfy Your Girlfriend In Bed.

Satisfy Your Girlfriend In Bed

Today we are sharing 5 ways to satisfy your girlfriend or partner in bed.

Before we go to the 5 Ways To Satisfy Your Girlfriend In Bed, do you actually know that women are very delicate in what they want or love? Let us walk you through a thing or two that might please a woman today and be offensive to her the next day. This is far different from mood swings so take some time and read this article.

It is almost the plan or aim of every guy to satisfy his girlfriend or woman in every field possible. Note that this comes in different ways ranging from appearance, financial situation, in bed, etc.

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Most men if not all, think how to satisfy a woman in bed is all about having a big D!Ck. This is not the case in most instances. It is a factor though but not entirely. Today, I will share with you some basic and less stressful techniques.

Firstly, before you enter her queendom, play with her. Play with her like you are kids at the playground. Do not make it last long though. It should be like you are teasing her. Make her want you. The playing should go along with some finger works at vital places of her body. A typical example is a nipple.

A lot of men do not know this trick. Do rub them slowly and use the remaining fingers to massage the lower parts of her busts. Women love this act.

Secondly, as the nipple thing is going on, kiss her slowly. In order to do it properly, you should not be on top at that moment. Be at the sides and be doing the massaging and kissing together and slowly.

No matter what, do not rush, take your time. Women in this case are like Kenyans in a marathon. We naturally cannot go that long with them so you should let her take the lead and meet her halfway or better still when she is almost at her apex for a happy ending. Note: you rush, you crush.

Thirdly, if this is done well, she herself will want you to dig it in. Bossman, do not give in, it is a trick. At this moment, all you have to do is to slide down to the gates of pleasure and let the mouth that was doing the yobbing outside prove its might.

Don’t say eeewu, that place on a normal day is cleaner and has less harmful bacteria than her mouth. The cl!t should be your main focus. Lick her like you are out of your senses. Stretch your tongue in such a way it will be hard than usual and be pushing it in. This is way better to them than the joystick itself.

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Furthermore, it is at this point you let the snake come out to play. But wait! You should not just take it out and put it inside her. It is not done like that. First, rub the surface up and down with it. Mind you, do not do this for long, it might turn her off. It should just be for a few seconds and then put the head only inside. Slow you should go. As you keep doing it, be pushing the whole thing inside but not at once.

Last but not the least, do not be a boring mating partner. There are more holes to feel and fill. Maybe the area might be big for you. There is no shame in this for both parties. Turn her over, insert it in the backyard door.

They can get orgasms too from that area. This is easier because it is relatively smaller in size and the continuous upthrusts will trigger it only if she is enjoying it. If not, my brother you will have to stop.

If all these and what you know are done well and still she does not feel good, then please unless God.

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