FDA advises public to return substandard FanYogo

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is calling on the public to immediately return some batches of substandard products of Fan Milk PLC, the company that produces FanYogo.

This follows the recall of some batches of FanYogo after some customers raised concerns about the product.

Consumers who recently purchased FanYogo took to social media to complain about the abnormal texture of the product prompting the company’s action.

In a release issued by the Director of the Inspectorate Directorate at FDA, Maria Lovelace-Johnson said Fan Milk PLC has halted the production of FanYogo

She added that FDA is working together with Fan Milk Plc to resolve the issue.

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“The FanYogo production was stopped quickly. There has even been a release by Fan Milk assuring to take all the FanYogo from the market. So there is a product recall, all the batches involved have been taken out. To the public, if you have any FanYogo in your possession, please return it to the nearest key distributor, depot or Fan Milk office as soon as possible, and you will be compensated when the new ones are done,” Lovelace-Johnson advised.

FanMilk PLC in its statement admitted to the anomaly and explained that “the root cause identified on the recent quality issue on FanYogo is due to both a recent change in our starch source and variations in handling”.

The manufacturing company added, “We fully acknowledge that these batches do not meet the great product experience we are known for. Our dedicated team of experts in our laboratories have conducted comprehensive tests on the batches to investigate the cause of the problem to prevent it from happening again”.

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