Mawuli Gavor Betrothed To Indian-Austrian Sweetheart

Ghanaian actor, Mawuli Gavor, is finally spoken for, as he takes a bold step with an engagement proposal to his long-time girlfriend, Remya.

Ghanaian screentime actor and performer, Mawuli Gavor, is at long last committed to lifetime companionship pledges, as he takes a significant step towards sealing his engagement to Remya, his stunningly exotic Indian-Australian sweetheart.

Mawuli Gavor
Mawuli Gavor & his Girlfiend

The attractive actor, who is the constant muse of many female suitors, has chosen to wed his long-time sweetheart in the long run.

It is a blatant knowledge, that Mawuli Gavor, has had himself involved with a couple of Ghanaian ladies prior to his current status of intimate bond.

However, as it turns out, his past relationship experiences has rather led him to a profuse love accord, with his now engaged girlfriend.

Mawuli Gavor
Mawuli Gavor with his Girlfriend

Mawuli Gavor, in the grand scheme of all things, has chosen to spend the foreseeable future, with his specially desirous lover.


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