3 Body Parts Every Woman Love On A Man

A man’s body is something that most ladies crave, especially when the man in question is endowed with a physique that usually mesmerizes ladies.

Although ladies tend to shy away from the fact that they crave a man’s body, there are some specific parts that every woman likes about a man.

We will be taking a look at these in this article.

A man’s chest

Every woman likes a man who has a broad chest and although they like it, they tend to keep it a secret in order not to ‘lose guard.’ They see a broad chest to be the strength of a man and in their minds, such a man is overly capable of protecting them from anything.


A man with a muscular arm is capable of wooing countless women with his arm as ladies feel very attracted to such a man.


If you are a man and you have a soft leg, then be sure that ladies are doing to be with you. Most women usually tend to admire men who go about their daily commuting wearing shorts.


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