Married woman dies after being caught in bed with another man

Ossai Success Ovie, a politician from Nigeria, has demanded an examination of the current customary laws.

After learning that a married woman had cheated on her husband and succumbed to an odd sickness two days prior, Ossai placed the call.

Ossai questioned in his post why married men who cheat on their spouses are never punished by the same tradition.

He believed that if harsh conventional rules also applied to men, cheating would significantly decrease.

“A married woman slept with another man close to my community, unknown sickness visited her and she died after confessing two days ago .

Why is it that there are traditions that deprived married women from cheating and encourages married men to cheat .?

Some traditions actually needs to be adjusted.

Cheating by married men will reduced drastically if this same traditions also equal to men.”

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