Jumic Emma Anderson’s ‘A Better Friend’ Short Film Has Entered the Essence Film Festival 2023

Essence Film Festival

Essence Film Festival 2023

The film industry in Ghana is about to shake the world as many Ghanaian films are getting international recognition. There is another Ghanaian short film that has been selected to be part of this year’s Essence Film Festival which will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA). This year is the launching of Africa House within the film festival, and it is a dedicated space for film festival attendees to view films from various African filmmakers which will provide various opportunities via panels, networks, etc. The festival aims to highlight works from independent filmmakers and projects.

For Africa House, they will focus on 4 countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. And a film from Ghana that was directed by Jumic Emma Anderson “A Better Friend” is officially part of the films representing Africa. ‘A Better Friend’ is currently slotted for 1:45 PM CST (6:45 PM GMT) on Sunday, July 2nd.

The director, Jumic Emma Anderson, with other filmmakers, will be indulged in a virtual Q&A
session after the screenings.


‘A Better Friend’ is a short teen, melodrama that explores love in its many forms–romantic and platonic; through the eyes of two teenagers. It subtly experiments with the innocent inclusiveness of love. Written by Ebenezer Andoh. Co-written and directed by Jumic Emma Anderson. The film also stars Esther Anderson, Patrick Aboagye & Stone Mason.

  1. Produced by: Mark Turkson, Michael Armoo.
  2. Cinematography by: Jacob Kwame Denero, Clement Owusu.

A Greenyard Entertainment production, in association with Mexx Multimedia & K.S. Films.


In the face of an impending step-sibling relationship, a teenage girl must confront her lingering infatuation for her best friend, forcing her to come to terms with the complicated dynamics of love and family. — In the director’s statement, “The film delves into the complexities of love, both romantic and platonic, through the perspective of two teenagers.

The story revolves around the delicate balance between friendship and infatuation, as the protagonist faces the realization that her best friend could become her step-brother. Through this narrative, we aim to explore the innocent inclusiveness of love and challenge societal norms surrounding relationships.

Additionally, the film serves as a platform to shed light on the importance of African parent-child
communication, emphasizing the need for parents to be more attuned to their children’s emotional and social needs. Our goal is to create a thought-provoking and begin a conversation that resonates with audiences and encourages a deeper understanding of love and familial dynamics.”

Director’s Bio

Jumic Emma Anderson is a multiple-award-winning filmmaker who takes much delight in creating thought-provoking domestic and social drama films that explore intense human relations and situations. Founder and Creative Director of Jumicon Pictures, an independent film and television company based in Sekondi-Takoradi. Jumic has made a name for himself as one of the most sort-after film directors in Ghana.

With his track record, Jumic mainly uses his films to address children’s rights themes, leveraging his background as a child’s rights advocate with ‘Curious Minds’, a uniquely young the people-led organization focused on promoting children and youth development… He also follows and projects the business of green and sustainable local businesses that positively affect the environment and the world.


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