Japanese Restaurant Where Monkeys Are Used As Waiters (Photos)

Monkeys Are Used As Waiters

Japanese restaurants where monkeys are used as waiters tend on social media.

I’m not sure that you have already seen a restaurant where monkeys are used as waiters before. When you look at what is going on in various parts of the world, you will not only be startled, but you will also find it difficult to believe some of the events.

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Those who travel frequently will agree with me since they have seen things that their towns do not have.

People appear to be developing fresh ideas in order to catch the interest of people all around the world. That is exactly what is happening at a Japanese restaurant, which has decided to recruit highly trained monkeys instead of regular employees to do the job of a waiter.

Kayabukia Tavern restaurant has drawn the attention of people from all over the world, and tourists can’t wait to visit whenever they have the opportunity. People travel there to see how monkeys take orders and serve people. Some people have already paid a visit to the location not only to eat but also to see clever monkeys.

Monkeys Are Used As Waiters

Outsiders and, in most cases, tourists from outside Japan who visit Kayabukia restaurant will find the experience thrilling. How would you feel if you ordered your favorite dish in a restaurant and is delivered by a monkey instead of a regular person? That is now the experience of the majority of the restaurant’s vociferous patrons. Some people might not eat what they are being given.

Monkeys Are Used As Waiters

Fuku Chan and Yat Chan are the names of the two monkeys who work as servers. Fuku Chan and Yat Chan make sure they are dressed in full uniform, which includes a skirt and dress when they go to work.

Mr. Kaoru Otsuka, their boss, thought they were exceptionally dependable and committed at work, and that dealing with them was simple, unlike dealing with normal people. The two monkeys are not demanding when it comes to paying, and they are simply given bananas, which are their favorite food.

Mr. Kaoru confesses that dealing with them at first was tough, and that they frequently spilled food, but that with time, they gradually learned and became accustomed to the chores assigned to them. He also says they don’t steal food and money like human beings.

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