Jackie Appiah lives in Heaven; controversy over video showcasing her mansion

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Jackie Appiah

A-List Jackie Appiah, a Ghanaian actress, is enjoying the life of her dreams.

Jackie Appiah is indeed leading the life that many Ghanaians desire. The actress has no problem with cash to waste some to build herself a huge mansion and chill.

A video showing the inside of Jackie Appiah’s Trasacco mansion has popped up on social media and causing a huge stir.

Actress Jackie Appiah’s bedroom, living room, closet, washroom, pool and more are of high standard level.

The mansion is so huge that her bedroom and living rooms look like a conference centre – the rooms are so spacious and filled with modern items!

And her closet is another thing that you cannot skip! Her wardrobe is like a showroom displaying all kinds of luxurious items.

There are ranges of perfumes, designer bags and shoes plus clothes all well arranged and displayed.

The camera also captured Jackie’s washroom which uses a remote control and more.

Months ago, a report surfaced that beautiful, quiet and cool Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah is really endowed financially.

Blogger Cutie Julls, disclosed that Jackie Appiah had 7 houses scattered at exotic locations in Accra. She revealed that Jackie has rented all and chosen a mega to live in with her mother and son.

Watch the video below


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