Jackie Appiah Bad-Mouthed Over Spending GHS 12,640 On A Casablanca Shirt – Actress Described As Stingy

Presently, emotions are at an all time high, as Jackie Appiah recently made another exorbitant expenditure on a Casablanca shirt.

The Ghanaian actress took over social media just recently, straightforwardly flaunting a nice looking, yet extravagant Casablanca shirt that cost GHC 12,640.

Jackie Appiah took photographs of herself wearing the newly purchased shirt, and purposely paraded her costly shirt in two slides.

The fact that Jackie’s new look cost fortunes, makes it very confusing for social media users, who are now wondering how she lives comfortably, knowing that others don’t have a shred of what she has accumulated.

This has caused a couple of netizens to react to her lifestyle with anger.

A specific lady in question, has gone after Jackie Appiah for lavishly spending all that money on a shirt while others are living in poverty.

As per her, Jackie Appiah is stingy. She said Jackie Appiah has not ‘helped any youth to limelight’, yet she is spending all that cash on dresses.

She proceeded on to label Jackie Appiah as a ‘heartless beauty’.

While the agitated lady ironed out her personal reservations, one more observer with a sort of direct remark, attempted to probe into the source of Jackie Appiah’s wealth.

Based on this uproar, it has become apparent that people seem to be personally invested in the manner in which well off individuals spend their hard earned money, regardless of how they may have tirelessly toiled to make their riches to begin with.

Look at the post underneath;

Netizens criticizing Jackie Appiah.

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