It’s Time To Jail Shatta Wale For misbehaving in Ghana – Popular Security and safety analyst insists

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale raised a serious alarm in Ghana on Monday, October 18, after staging a fake gunshot attack on himself which has cause his arrest.

Shatta Wale who is the president of the Shatta movement released an apology on 19th October 2021 for the fake news which was published by his team, he made it clear on Tuesday that his life has been in danger ever since a prophet released a prophecy about his death online.

The dancehall king was finally arrested on 19th October 2021, including Nana Dope and Gangee who are also part of the main guys behind the fake gunshot attack on Shatta Wale.

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Adam Bonaa who is a security and safety analyst has joined those who are calling on the Ghana Police Service to prosecute Shatta Wale, he made it clear that the dancehall king is not popular and bigger than the late Tupac Shakur.

He went on to cite an example that Tupac and other popular celebrities were prosecuted and jailed for misbehaving, therefore any celebrity who somehow misbehave in the country must be prosecuted for sanity to prevail.

The popular Security and safety analyst made this known on the Morning Starr with Francis Abban over the fake attack on Shatta Wale.

“If you live around East Legon, you will see Shatta Wale driving around in an unregistered vehicle, throwing money out of his vehicle which I find disrespectful and worrying. - Mr Bonaa said
“I have seen policemen following him driving not even DV plate numbers and shouting out his name. I am comforted by the fact that there is a new dispensation that has promised us that the security and safety of every citizen will be taken care of.”
“if you think you are popular you will not be prosecuted? if you decide to misbehave in public…nobody will go free these days. The police are looking for him, they must arrest him and put him before the court. He must have his day in court.” He added.

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