Tiwa Savage speaks about her trending S3.xtape (DETAILS)

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage has finally reacted to her s3.x tape which was leaked recently.

Tiwa Savage is has been trending for some days now after her intimate video with her alleged boyfriend was leaked by a blackmailer. She recently made a comment that she will not be intimidated by the leakage and will maintain the same stance when the video got leaked on Monday 18th October 2021.

“You hated how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of the story before it consumed me and how I’m able to joke on stage about something you thought should destroy me and make me feel ashamed. You must knock my head when you see me otherwise. Gistloversblog with my full chest,” - Tiwa Savage

Before the video was released on Monday, Tiwa announced to the world that someone was trying to blackmail her over a s3.x tape. Speaking to US radio station Power 105.1 Savage said she would not pay any money to her blackmailer.

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According to her, the video was first sent to her road manager on Wednesday who alerted her as she was leaving another radio station after an interview.

“I pay it now and then two months down the line you’re gonna come back… and then who knows if I do send you the money you probably will release it anyway,” Tiwa said.

She also made it known that she had ‘natural s3.x’ with her lover and really enjoyed his d!ck for which reason she’s not ashamed of the video in circulation.

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