I Was Joking – Sista Afia Retracts Her Statement About Stripping Naked If Ghana Wins 3-0 Against Portugal

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If you were anticipating that Ghana would take the lead ahead of Portugal on a 3-0 score record so you could have the rare chance to smoothly gaze at Sista Afia’s nakedness, then brace yourself for some disappointment because the singer has some terrible news for you.

On November 22, 2022, the Ghanaian artist tweeted that she would strip herself naked on the off chance Ghana wins by the previously mentioned prediction score.

“If Ghana scores 3-0 against Portugal, on Thursday I will go NAKED and dump myself in a pool ON LIVE so God help me,” Sista Afia tweeted.

She has, be that as it may, withdrew her assertion. In light of a tweet from ZionFelix, the ‘Weather’ vocalist explained that she was merely joking.

“Y’all can’t take a joke,” she responded with laughing emojis.

All things said and done, Sista Afia’s instinctive urge to go back on her promise has really turned out to be completely needless, because Portugal had the winning edge after the full 90 minutes of playtime. Better luck to all those who were hoping to cash in Sista Afia’s promise.

Admittedly, the Black Stars ought to be praised for their skillful display showcased during the match, as they exhibited an unparalleled potential in their ability to turn the tides of the game, hence, affirming their tenacity and possiblity to trump over subsequent contenders in the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

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