How I Saved My Marriage By Sleeping With My Driver.

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A lady narrates how she saved her marriage by simply sleeping with her driver. See full story below 😳

This is the story of my life: I am not a free woman. I’m just a wife that adores and doesn’t want to lose her husband. Despite how bad I felt at times, I did what I needed to do to protect my marriage. I slept with my driver to give my husband a child, and God rewarded me with twins, a boy, and a girl, despite how tough it was.

Philip and I had been married for eight years when we divorced. We didn’t have a child at the time. Worse yet, I was never pregnant for more than a day. His mother became so enraged that she began breathing down my neck, obstructing my ability to breathe. She moved in with us and made my life in my marriage home unpleasant.

I was unable to drink water and drop the cup because she must insult me. She finally stopped eating my food because she believed that I should be feeding my children, not her, for them to grow healthily and strong. If you have children, Monica, you must provide them with all of these foods for them to grow healthy and robust.

I’m getting old and don’t need all of this nonsense you call food any longer. “Take them away and give me grandkids!” she would always yell.

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After she departed, I could still hear her insults in my brain, so I decided to take a chance and seduce and sleep with our driver.

Before then, my mother-in-law had stopped talking to me, but now she only speaks to me when she wants to humiliate me and remind me of how insignificant I was as a woman. Philip and I are so in love that he stood by me despite his mother’s greatest efforts to convince me to leave him.

We saw many specialists, all of whom gave us the thumbs up concerning our health. I’ve visited churches, held vigils, and even fasted for days in the hopes of becoming pregnant so that my mother-in-law would stop humiliating me, but I’ve been unsuccessful.

After it became evident that my mother-in-law had vowed to drive me out of her son’s house, I ultimately stopped leaving my room.I generally stayed in my room and sobbed, prayed, assumed, and then went asleep because I was frightened of his mother confronting me.

“You don't need any house assistance because you don't have any children,” she said, “so stop squandering my son's hard-earned money and take care of your house yourself.”

I was terrified, even when I heard her voice from afar because it was only the three of us at home. It saddens me to say this, but my husband frequently begs me to leave the room, which irritates him much, particularly when I refuse because I want to avoid facing his mother. When her difficulties got too much for Philip to stomach, he practically threw her out of the house, all to make me feel comfortable and secure in my own home.

Oliver, the driver, is a young man in his late twenties. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate who chose to become a truck driver since he was unable to find a job that paid adequately.

If he merely slept with me once, I offered to find him a wonderful job, but I never explained why. Oliver, however, misunderstood me for someone who was about to have an affair with my lover.

Although sleeping with another man was difficult, I timed it to coincide with my ovulation to become pregnant. I was aware that I was betraying my husband, but I regarded it as a necessary cost.

After a month, I discovered I was pregnant. So, as promised, I secured Oliver a job at a friend’s company, where he started earning a good salary. When I told Philip I was pregnant, he was overjoyed.

Sweetheart, God has finally answered our prayers; I’m expecting a kid,” I confided. When he found out I was five months pregnant, he notified his mother, and she immediately returned to the house. She took good care of me and pampered me like a baby.

My mother-in-law insisted on a scan, which I strongly opposed. When I finally had the scan, I discovered I was expecting twins, a boy, and a girl. My mother-in-law and husband were ecstatic, and I felt the same way. “Thank you, God,” I complained, “for rewarding me after eight years of barrenness with a set of twins.”

After the twins were born, the daughter was ill for a while. She took a long time to fully heal after numerous treatments, which concerned me. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me up because I expected Philip to question me.

He didn’t, much to my astonishment. He just remarked, “Sweetheart, let’s go home.” We’ve had a long day, and both you and my children are tired.”

“Monica, don’t be afraid,” he said three months later as he took my hand. I’m not interested in learning who the father of the twins is. I know you did all in your power to save our marriage, and I admire you much. Similarly, I pledge I’ll always love you and my kids.

Not only that, but I swear I’ll keep this a secret between us. I admire you, sweetheart. I’m confident we’ll have children someday.”I sobbed as he wiped my tears away with his hands. Likewise, I know what I did was wrong, but the fact that my mother-in-law has been pleased with me is all that matters.

Even though everyone appears to be pleased, I am embarrassed by the fact that I used an innocent man to achieve my goal. But, before you pass judgment on me, imagine yourself in my shoes and think about what you would do if you were in my shoes.

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