Here’s Why Lilwin’s movie will be a complete Trash: Some Netizens

Lilwin’s movie will be a complete Trash: Some Netizens

The highly anticipated film “A Country Called Ghana,” starring Kumawood actor and musician Lilwin, is almost ready to hit theaters.

Despite not having seen the film yet, netizens have already expressed their thoughts about it.

The movie will be total garbage, according to many internet users, even though it stars excellent Nollywood actors.

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Internet users voiced their thoughts about the upcoming film in the comment section of a post by Ghanaian rapper Guru.

Guru begged his devoted fans to support his colleague and friend during the film’s premiere on his official Facebook page.

However, Guru did not get the anticipated response as many labeled the movie as complete trash.

According to netizens, unlike professional and proper movies that take ample time to be shot and edited, “A Country Called Ghana” was shot within a few days.

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