Hajia4Reall: Singer Wasn’t Arrested Due To Her Alleged $8M Fraud Scheme – New Source Reveals

Another insight concerning Hajia4Real’s controversial capture in the UK has surfaced, asserting that she was not arrested for the alleged $8 million fraud scheme, as previously reported.

Reports spread around in the media, as per well off sources, are bogus, excluding the case that Hajia4Real has been arrested.

Notwithstanding, she was apprehended on the grounds that she made a few confidential buys with a payment system that had been flagged.

Subsequent to tracking her moves and transactions, she was at last arrested when she made another problematic payment procedure.

Furthermore, she was having in her possession an undisclosed measure of cash, which surpassed the UK’s money threshold permitted for any endeavor or reason.

Due to this, she was deemed at fault for tax evasion and money laundering, hence presently her case has turned into a court issue in the UK.

As indicated by the source, Hajia4Reall was offered with bail terms, however, she was unable to meet the required conditions. In any case, she will stay in the UK until all investigations are brought to a close.

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