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Guillaume Pineault, a French comedian, has divorced his ex-wife Anna Elisabeth Bosse. Guillaume was married to Bosse for seven years before the couple split up. They are now planning a nationwide excursion called Detour. Guillaume has reportedly been saving up money for the event and is attempting to secure a new home. But despite the divorce, Guillaume Pineault remains a high-profile person, despite his recent problems with his ex-wife.

Anne-Elisabeth Bosse

After graduating from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal, Anne-Elisabeth Bosse began her career in television. Her first roles included a monoparental workaholic in Brain Freeze and a professor of philo in Une revision du Cegep. She later played a muslim in Plan B.

In addition to being a successful comic, Guillaume Pineault has an impressive resume. He trained as an ergotherapist and osteopath before choosing the world of showbiz. He once saw three patients in a day, but now sees up to a thousand in just one night. During his career, he has also become a supporter of children’s charities.

Guillaume Pineault

Guillaume Pineault is a comedian from Quebec. He married Anne-Elisabeth Bosse in 2016 and the couple will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in 2021. In addition to his comedy act, he has a number of business ventures. He plans to tour Canada in the coming years. However, he has not publicly revealed his net worth. Whether he is married or not, his fans can rest assured that he will not go broke during the tour.

The movie “Detour” was inspired by this movie. It is about the dangers of conformism and the bad results it can have on your life. Like in the movie, Guillaume Pineault was the king of the ball in second grade and on his curriculum vitae. Despite the sabotaging consequences of conformity, he has turned his life around and is the king of it now.

Lifelong dream of being on stage

Guillaume Pineault is a Montreal comedian with a net worth estimated in the millions. He has made a name for himself as a comedian, working on live shows for his fans. Most of his live performances are in Quebec, but he has recently begun a Canada-wide tour. His career also includes writing columns for TVA’s Salut Bonjour, and he has appeared on radio shows like Veronique et les Fantastiques and his podcast, Pivot With Pineault.

Before entering the world of comedy, Pineault had studied occupational therapy and osteopathy. After 11 years, he switched careers and pursued his lifelong dream of being on stage. Regardless of his background, his inborn ability to observe things, coupled with undeniable charisma, made him an outstanding choice for a comedy career. Guillaume Pineault ex conjointe

Net worth of Guillaume Pineault

Guillaume Pineault is a well-known Quebec comedian. He recently changed his career from wellness to parody, and he is known for his appearance on a public visit titled Detour. Guillaume and his wife, Anna Elisabeth Bosse, married in 2016 and are planning to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in 2021. Guillaume Pineault ex conjointe net worth: In addition to his income from his acting and stand-up routines, he also enjoys a thriving social media account. Guillaume Pineault is also known for his Instagram account (@pin2000), where he has more than 75,000 followers and has received 450 gifts from his fans.

Guillaume Pineault has a net worth of around $1.5 million. The comedian makes his money by performing live shows. Typically, his live shows take place in Quebec. However, he has recently embarked on a Canada-wide tour. He also writes columns for the TV show Salut Bonjour on TVA, has regular radio apperances on Veronique et les Fantastiques, and hosts his own podcast called Pivot with Pineault.


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