Goshers from High Schools Africa has made a humble request to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Goshers From High Schools Africa

Goshers from High Schools Africa has made a post on Facebook requesting the President of Ghana to consider making employment plans for Senior High School Students.

Goshers from High Schools Africa wrote; Dear excellency president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. This morning I just saw a comment under a post I made about a visual art talent from Adiembra senior high school.

This guy is not the only one with such exceptional talent. There are others in the over 800 senior high schools across the country.

Your excellency, the comment under the post seems to suggest that you’ve awarded the ultimate artistic painting contract of the interchanges and flyovers in the country to a professional and the contract is worth 25million dollars.

Well, it isn’t really a bad thing as far as the job would be done to the expected end. The only thing I’m taking this opportunity to draw your attention to is the fact that the nation can boast of over 800 Senior high Schools and most of these schools teaches visual art.

I’ve been with the students for some time and trust me, there are tremendous talents and unbelievably hyperrealistic painters in our schools who actually have no idea of where to begin life after school.

They have no capital, they have no connections, and all they would have after school is their piece of pencils and erasers to hang around in anticipation of random job opportunities.

Goshers From High Schools Africa

For now, we may say they are still students and are not professionals and should not be regarded as far as professional services are concerned but it is evident by their work that they are capable of executing a job the same as a professional would do out there.

His excellency, you are doing your best in educating these students but I also think we should get an employment plan for this group of professionals right from the schools especially when it’s one of the most looked down upon professions in this part of our world.

Goshers From High Schools Africa

Your excellency, I think this interchange and flyover painting project would have been the best opportunity for these students.

I strongly believe that at least a certain percentage of this money could have been made available specifically to employ the services of these students in our senior high schools to take a certain portion of the interchanges and flyovers to work on.

We have no idea how motivated they would have felt and the hope they would have gotten to go all out to be the best they could be.

They could have used their salaries from this project to procure basic tools that would keep them going right after school. 100’s of students from the senior high schools could have graduated with a basic startup capital that could keep them employed.

I don’t know if there’s an understanding I’m not getting here but right now I feel like we have greatly cheated on them and have made them miss an opportunity that could have saved a lot from ending up on the streets after school.

What could have been more beautiful than employing the students who are receiving free lessons from the schools to be out there exhibiting what they’ve learned in the interest of the nation for just a little fee?

I can’t tell if something could be done about this. If not, we must duly consider the next time an opportunity like this comes up.

Your excellency, I think this project is a cake and it’s a very huge cake. If it had been looked at carefully, it could have been distributed in a manner that could have solved a lot of hunger problems among the visual arts students in our high schools.

Thank you.

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