Ghanaian Senior High Schools is now the Hotspots for Prostitution – Gborgbortsi Norbert

by Ghnewslive

It is true that nowadays our Senior High schools are gradually becoming the hotspot for prostitution, see why.

Senior High School

Senior High School education is very essential in the life of every individual as it helps to prepare young children for the future. Some educationists even argue that secondary education is one of the reasons why child marriage has dwindled in most countries.

Fortunately for Ghana, education has been made free up to senior high school. It is the hope of every Ghanaian that, in about ten to fifteen years to come, Ghana will reap the benefits of this important course of action she has taken.

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But it seems that the hopefulness of Ghanaians is gradually fading out since our senior high schools have now become the hotspots for prostitution as indicated by Mr. Gborgbortsi, the former communications director of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers-Ghana.

According to Mr. Gborgbortsi, law and order have broken down in the senior high schools. He stated that what goes on in our senior high schools today is unspeakable and that even the LGBTQ+ which Ghanaians have vehemently spoken against is going on in our senior high schools off the record.

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In recent times, nvde pictures and videos of young girls in senior high schools twerking, appear on social media very nearly every day. Even though the use of mobile phones by students is banned in Ghanaian senior high schools, it appears that almost every student uses a mobile phone on campus. That is probably the reason why we see these pictures and videos of students circulating on social media regularly.

It is the same students who take those pictures and videos with their mobile phones. Even as adults, we know how we are sometimes carried away with the use of mobile phones. What then will happen to these young boys and girls with these mobile phones in their possession?

Senior High School

Unfortunately, the teachers who could help salvage the situation are helpless. Apart from the poor conditions of service that the Ghanaian teacher is battling with, another big challenge he faces is the nuisance deductions from his skimpy salary.

It appears that the Ghanaian student is now empowered more than the teacher to the extent that students of today can call for the arrest of a teacher who offends him. The teacher however cannot do anything if the student offends him.

The Ghanaian teacher has lost his control even in the classroom. All the poor teacher could do is to keep quiet in order to protect his job until he secures a better one. It is not unforeseen that, these days, students beat up some teachers and even threaten them when they fail to allow them to cheat during examinations. If these things go on in our schools, what will become the future of this nation? This is in fact, a wake-up call to parents and all stakeholders of education. Let’s save Ghana now before it is too late.

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