SAD STORY: My House Boy Impregnated My Three Daughters, A Lady Shares Her Sad Experience


Lady shares her saddest experience in life by saying her house boy impregnated her three daughters.

A social media user has shared her sad experience of having a house boy. Many bad experiences people had with housemaids, and that is why a lot of people now treat them with disdain and keep their distance from them. 

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But interestingly, there are also people who are very comfortable with their housemaids despite all the negative comments they hard about them.

Honestly, some of these housemaids are sincerer they can avoid all manner of temptations, whilst others can cause havoc in the slightest opportunity they have.

Just in the case of this lady who shared her story online. The lady stated that her housemaids impregnated her three daughters.

According to this lady, she picked this boy from the village to assist her to her house chores because she is busy with work

But unfortunately, she got the wrong guy who manage to impregnated her lovely daughters within two months, and this lady is now confused.

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