Ghanaian Guy Who Has Slept With Over 300 Ladies Shares His Story

A Ghanaian guy who has done the unthinkable with his life has taken to share his unimaginable story.

This Ghanaian guy shared this story in a recent post he made on Facebook and in his post, he indicated that he is in his 30s and so far, he has slept with over 300 ladies.

The post that this Ghanaian guy made reads;

Aunt Abena please post for me
Dear followers of this page, I’m a young man in my 30s and I have slept with about 300 women and girls so far, using condom with only one of them because she insisted on it.
There are ladies I met on the streets and the next minute we were having unprotected secks and this happened severally and still happening.
Sometime in 2006, I had an HIV scare when a married woman I had secks with fell ill and lost a lot of weight. I immediately concluded that she was suffering from the HIV virus and I went through a lot of stress.
Somehow I overcame that stress and went back to my old ways of having unprotected sex.
I had another HIV scare in 2009 when a lady I had secks with always told me she was in the hospital for medical attention.
This was a lady I hooked up with after a girl I f*cked used her phone to call me. On our way to my house, she told me she did not want a certain man in my house to see her, claiming she attended prayers with him but the fact is that this man works in an HIV facility in our community.
I overcame the fears and slept with her on two occasions, the second time in 2010.
Later, I met her together with a sister of hers returning from hospital, looking like a broom.
A week or so later, she died.
Then I mustered courage and asked the man in my house if he knew the lady and he answered in the affirmative and confirmed my worst fears that she’s an HIV patient.
You can imagine my horror. I vowed to go for an HIV test but I couldn’t.
Two weeks later, I recovered from my fears and went back to my reckless ways.
In 2016, I had my third HIV scare when I slept with a friend of a lady I was dating. She also died two years ago after almost looking like a skeleton. Her friend said she died of HIV.
Again, you can imagine my horror but two weeks later, I “recovered” from my fears and went back to my reckless ways by having unprotected sex.
I’m currently suffering my fourth scare when a lady I was proposing to saw me with her sister who I had sex with in 2020 and said I should tell her if I’ve had anything to do with her sister because she has a sickness, she didn’t mention what sickness though.
In 2007, I almost had sex with a lady who was confirmed to be HIV positive, she has since died.
Aside this, I’ve contracted gonorrhea on three occasions as well as herpes and herpatitis B which is also sexually transmitted, again, no lessons learnt.
At 17 years, I was having sex with a woman who was close to 50 years. I also slept with her two daughters.
I sleep with people’s wives, underaged girls (10yrs-15), sisters, even mentally deranged.
I don’t even think of marriage, just have to have unlimited sex.
The biggest problem is, I don’t even know if I have a problem and if I want to stop these habits.”

Ghanaian guy who has slept with 300 ladies


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