Flowking Stone Wholesomely Reveals The Truth About His Brother’s Deteriorative Mental Condition

High ranking Ghanaian artist, Kwaku Nsia Boama, commonly referred to as Flowking Stone in the showbiz circle, has unveiled that his sibling and fellow music partner, Kunta Kinte, lost pieces of his memory or mental fortitude, during his time spent trying to combat a surfaced health disorder.

Ghanaian music duo, Bradez.

Per past recollections, it is evidently known that one of the siblings of the music tag team duo, Kunta Kinte, fell appallingly unwell at the pinnacle of their music profession. It was accounted for that Kunte Kinte’s absence from the music scene, was due to his limited ability to perform. A condition that came about as a result of a stroke complication.

After Kunta Kinte went out of commission, the tag team partnership that existed between the two brothers, had to be dissolved, as they each pursued their music path alone. Kunta Kinte recuperated gradually from the stroke he had, after certain long period of time of being unfit and incapacitated.

Talking about the wellbeing of his sibling, Kunta Kinte, Flowking Stone on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, revealed that his sibling is currently improving. He unveiled that his condition was critical so much so that they needed to look for a progression of alternative measures, saying, “it was not a joke”.

As indicated by Flowking Stone, Kunta Kinte’s ailment impacted his music vocation, as well as his aptitude of thought, including his mind.

Kunte Kinte & Flowking Stone.

“He lost part of his memory. He lost some parts of his writing skill and others,” the deeply affected rapper voiced.

“We wanted him to go at his own pace and not rush him to come back. We didn’t want the situation where he would be in an interview and cannot property speak”, he revealed to the show host, Andy Dosty.

Talking with regards to the fate of the music pair Bradez, Flowking Stone unveiled that the music duo will make a come back, and they will try things out by recording new versions of their already released classic hits.

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