Fella Makafui Scorned On Twitter Over Asking The Question, “What Do Men Really Want?”

Famous actress Fella Makafui is burdened with overpowering aggression toward her most recent question posted on her official Twitter account.

The successful female personality is married to rapper Medikal, and has a lovely daughter called Island Frimpong.

In any case, Fella’s relationship path leading to her present family life keeps on tormenting her, as the history behind her story is one of heartbreak and duplicitousness.

The painfully unfortunate story reemerged only a couple of hours prior, when Fella Makafui tweeted, “What do men really want?”

Meanwhile, see the post beneath.

After the tweet went viral, it began drawing in some reactions, majority of which were cold and ruthless.

Strikingly, one of the reactions to the question asked by the socialite has been making waves across social media platforms on the grounds of its extreme insensitivity.

As you may already know, Fella Makafui stole Medikal away from Sister Derby while she still had intense feelings for the rapper.

Subsequently, the actress was exhorted to ask reasonable questions, since she definitely knew the response to her question.

In the mean time, look at the remark beneath.