Hajia 4 Real Makes First Official Public Statement Following Her Release – Drops A Slick Video

At long last, all nerves have been calmed following Hajia 4 Real’s first public statement. Mona is out of prison and radiating with smiles, as she dropped a new video to declare her state of wellbeing after going through a dark period in her life.

The musician, model, influencer, and asserted fraudster, has at last found time to release her first video after imprisonment.

Hajia, still in the United Kingdom, shared a video from a recreational area, sitting on a public bench, looking sharp from head to toe.

Hajia expressed gratitude toward her fans for their prayers during her troublesome time and said she realizes they missed her, similar to how much she missed them.

Hajia4Real in her new video.

The Ghanaian socialite has been quiet after her capture, and people continued to ponder when she would come out with her first public statement.

Hajia 4 Reall, genuinely known as Mona Montrage, was apprehended by UK law enforcement agents half a month back.

She went to the country for a show, but however remained back for a couple of weeks having a great time, until her fun time came to an abrupt end.

Ghanaians were unexpectedly hit with the news suddenly that she’d been apprehended, supposedly for fraud.

Hajia has continually denied ever participating in any fraud related dealings through her devotees. As per her camp, she was captured for travelling with a lot of money that she neglected to account for during the immigration checkpoint process.

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