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Fabio Carvalho opens up on his dream move to Liverpool

Fabio Carvalho speaks on his move to Liverpool

Fabio Carvalho on joining Liverpool: “From the outside I saw it as like a big family. There are big players and I’m looking forward to learning from every single one of them. I think they’ll be able to help me, and hopefully I’ll be able to help them.”

It has been confirmed that Fabio Carvalho will wear the No.28 shirt at Liverpool.

“Once you hear that Liverpool are interested, there’s only one thought in your mind, which is to join them and try to be in and around the team. Hopefully I can achieve big things.”

“I spoke with everyone, and the manager, and it just felt so natural. When things become natural it’s just so much easier to make a decision.”

“Marco Silva, the way he plays football and made us play football, is more like attacking football and getting goals, which is similar to how Liverpool play, which is to score goals and dominate games. That’s what I’m here to do. I’m looking forward to it!”

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