Lady Storms Social Media To Reveal How Her Husband Is Wrongly Accusing Her Of Stealing His GHC 6500

A lady has taken to social media to tragically uncover her trial and it’s anything but a lovely one.

As per her, her significant other is presently blaming her for taking his GHC 6500 and she shared her story on the well-known platform, Facebook.

The post reads;

“Thanks admin for this great platform. Please hide my identity.
I need my noble group members advice on this.
I live with my husband and my 13yrs old step son. I was at work when my husband called to ask me of missing money of 6,500.00 Ghana cedis which is meant for someone’s work, I thought it was a joke because I never new he has kept such an amount in the house.
I told him I know nothing about it. So later in the evening we called the boy to ask him of the money but he said he didn’t take it. This is a boy we all know is a thief , he even stole my money and denied heaven on earth but we later found it on him. but my husband is still convinced that at his age he can’t steal such an amount.
He then went out and returned in the evening looking very furious. I decided to talk to him but he didn’t mind me for days so I also kept my cool. My husband then told me he went search of his money somewhere and he was told I am the one who took the money. So if I did not provide the money up to Saturday , he is leaving the house for me to stay because he can’t stay with a thief. For that moment I was speachless and couldn’t say a word because I am already mourning my only child which I lost some weeks ago. How can my husband tag me a thief because of what a malam or fetish has told him which is not true. And for all this yrs together , I’ve never steal his money before. I always ask him before taking his money . As I am typing right now I can’t think straight . I’m so hurt that I couldn’t eat anything yesterday. I know from my heart that I’m innocent. I just want to curse for what ever that will happen to happen to clear my innocent or leave it for nature to take it course. What should I do ?Please forgive my typo errors.”


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