Eno Barony Reveals Why She Can’t Sign Any Female Rapper

Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah, better known as Eno Barony in the music industry, a rapper and composer from Ghana, has explained why she hasn’t signed any other female rappers.

Although she already has fame, the rapper admitted in an interview that it is hard for her to make other female rappers famous.

Eno Barony claims that she is unable to sign other female rappers because she lacks the resources. She admitted that, despite her desire, she cannot sign other rappers because she does not manage a record label.

She made this known in a recent submission in an interview with

“I’m not the only female rapper in the country. I have seen a lot of them; the best I can do is to offer them my platform to promote them which I already do. And I’m not in the position to sign them. I’m not a record label manager.

“People think when you get the fame or when you get the name, you have to also carry somebody on yourself to bring up. It doesn’t work like that. I don’t have the capability.”


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