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Final Year Student Sadly Stabbed To Death

Daniel Osei-Mensah, a senior student at Tweneboah Kodua Senior High School, is thought to have been fatally stabbed while standing over a motorcycle.

According to reports, the police at Jacobu in the Asante Region have started an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the final-year student’s tragic death at the age of sixteen.

During his time off, Daniel Osei-Mensah is rumored to have run a motorcycle shop at Odaho in the Amansie West District. The victim was reportedly enticed into a bush by his attackers, who then stabbed him in the lower abdomen and chest.

An eyewitness told TV3 news that they received a call from one “Fiankomah’ after several hours in search for Osei and his motorbike.

“Moments after the call, we moved in groups to actually confirm such a piece of terrible news. On our way to the crime scene, we had another call claiming that we have bypassed the police vehicle and hence we should return.

Upon our return, we met the police vehicle with the body of the deceased wrapped with a black rubber in the bucket of the vehicle. We, however, followed them to their station.”


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