Earn money daily by simply exercising and walking

Earn money daily

Earn money daily by walking

Earn money daily: With the help of the free app Sweatcoin, you can get rewarded for your regular exercise with cutting-edge money that you can spend on awesome items, donate to worthy causes, or trade for SWEAT.

Why? Because society benefits when people take good care of their health. You have greater success. You help cut billions of dollars from the cost of healthcare. You ought to join your movement because it is worthwhile.

You make more money by walking more. And you walk more the more money you have!

Earn money daily

What can users do with your sweatcoins?

-Buy deals, products, and digital offers

-Bid in high-value auctions (PlayStation 5, GoPro Hero 9)

-Donate to charities like Save the Children

– You can withdraw your sweatcoins as cash too.

How to begin gaining sweatcoins


1. Click on this link to download the application.

2. Sign up with your details to become a member of the platform.

3. You can also invite people to the platform for more sweatcoins

More details will be given in subsequent posts so do follow for more updates


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