Dubai Porta Potty: Celebs, and influencers paid for camels to poop on [Details]

Dubai Porta Potty: Celebs, and influencers paid for camels to poop on

A fresh piece of information concerning Dubai Porta Potty has exposed how female celebrities and influencers are paid to poop on camels.

As the name implies, Dubai Porta Potty is a fetish culture in portions of the United Arab Emirates where wealthy men can indulge their wildest sexual fantasies.

The vast majority of these males do not have sexual relationships with the women they hire. They do occasionally pee on them for fun.

Most of these girls are compelled or pressured by money to engage in the most bizarre obsessions, such as bestiality (sleeping with animals) and, in most cases, scathing.

Scathing is a bizarre sexual fetish in which one person poos on the other. The males usually crap on the girls and compel them to drink it or smear it on their faces.

@hocusbogus2.0, a TikToker and former flight attendant, claims to have witnessed influencers and models discussing the unusual practice firsthand. Passengers were reportedly consuming high-fiber items while talking about their upcoming trip to Dubai.

The influencers are reportedly given free flights to Dubai and preferential treatment in exchange for enduring dehumanizing activities such as being urinated on or eating human or camel poo.

Another backed her claim by writing:

“I’m just going to make a list of all the things she said she did or witnessed:

“One girl had the contents of the bucket stuffed up her.” She ate a solid piece of s***. Girls had to slide across the floor on their stomachs, licking up s***. There were human centipede actions.


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