Dr. Prosper Narteh Ogum opens up on his time at Asante Kotoko

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We are not on the level of Al Ahly – Dr Prosper Narteh Ogum

Asante Kotoko head coach Dr. Prosper Narteh Ogum was at Oyerepa Tv on Friday, 10th June 2022 as throws some light on the reason behind their success this season.

Dr. Ogum- The decision to have our pre-season in Dubai was the collective idea of the technical team and the management of Asante Kotoko SC

Dr. Prosper Narteh Ogum- “I am not a difficult person nor controversial. If you are a chairman and wants a particular player to play a game at a time, you need to give me a logical reason. I always select my players based of performance,”

Dr. Prosper Narteh Ogum – I am someone who can’t be intimidated, I have never come under pressure in my line of duty. That is the type of person I am naturally.

Dr. Ogum- Honestly I don’t listen to Sports shows, I don’t pay particular attention to the media. Focusing on the media so much would mean that I will have limited time work Asante Kotoko SC

Dr. Ogum on relationship with the media- ” My relationship with the media has been perfect, it’s has been excellent.

Dr. Ogum “For now Mbella is our player, we will keep him, you need players of Mbella’s calibre to be able to compete with the Like of Al Ahly in Africa,” Dr. Ogum- We should be getting about 30,000 to 40,000 capacity at the Baba Yara Stadium in our home games if we really want to keep Mbella and co at Asante Kotoko SC

Dr. Ogum- Yaw Annor of Ashanti Gold SC is a fantastic player, I would love to have him in my team if possible. Yaw Annor is currently second on the GPL goal scoring chart.

Coach Ogum on toughest opponent this season: – Our game against Accra Lions FC in Kumasi was a very difficult game, their rotation in midfield was campact. Nonetheless, they lost focus in the closing stages and we won,”

Dr. Ogum on Kotoko’s participation in Africa- ” The only thing we need to do it to strengthen our team. We have identified some few players in the Ghanaian league and management will discuss that to get the right thing done going to Africa, “

Dr.Prosper Narteh Ogum- “Let’s be honest, we are not at the level of Al Ahly. Few of our players currently are at their level,”

Dr. Ogum “WAFA game me the platform to be who I am today and I will forever be grateful to them,”

Dr. Ogum- “Naturally I like dressing, the field is my office so I need to dress well because any coach is a positive role model. I always want to look neat,”.

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