Diana Asamoah Defends Her Status Of Celibacy – Maintains She’s Still A Virgin

Ghanaian gospel singer and song writer, Evangelist Diana Asamoah, has taken a firm stand in advancement of her declaration, by stating that she’s as yet a virgin.

Discussing the subject matter during a talking point with Abeiku Santana on OK FM, Diana Asamoah remains assertive and firm about her viewpoint, as she insists she has never engaged in sexual relations with anyone before, and still holds convictions about her virginity.

Diana Asamoah.

Talking about relationships and human connection, Diana Asamoah excused the wild reports that she’s presently involved with a male character.

As per her, she’s in no sort of heartfelt relationship, instead, she’s presently enamored with the Essence of God, thus, the Holy Spirit.

She furthermore disclosed that she has no plans, intentions nor likeliness of getting married, or having a romantic involvement based on dating anyone at this point.

Many social media users and observers have opposed Diana Asamoah’s assertion, aiming to insist that she’s as yet a virgin.

They have unequivocally taken to the likelihood that she has engaged in sexual relations previously, but is however embarrassed to freely own up to the truth, that she has had a memorable experience in bed with a man before, at least once in her life.

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