Fella Makafui Causes Public Stir On Twitter – Changes Her Name Amidst Spousal Troubles

Fella Makafui and her better half, Medikal, are apparently going through troublesome times in the midst of their marital lives.

As indicated by some busybodies on the web, Medikal has been caught red handed on innumerable accounts, engaged in extramarital affairs, aside from having a spousal vow to Fella Makfui.

Fella Makafui & Medikal.

If there’s any indication, a shred of substance behind the rumours being speculated by the busybodies on social media, with regards to the alleged level of marital disunity developing between the married couple, then perhaps it can be deduced that the actress is as a matter of fact exhausted, and probably wants an out from the marriage.

Before these new speculations that aim to suggest that Fella is looking for a separation from the AMG-marked rapper, it was claimed by some phantom bloggers on Instagram a couple of months prior, that Fella has taken steps to exit the marriage, assuming she at any point catches Medikal undermining her once more.

Taking a gander at how things are unfurling right now, it is under an assumption that Fella has discovered her husband engaging in extramarital relations with one more woman again, and will not excuse him after this.

During the early hours of yesterday, Fella Makafui issued a tweet on her Twitter page which she later erased after it turned into a web sensation, and couldn’t contain the intensity moving forward.

She professed she was about to make the hardest decision ever in her life.

Fella Makafui’s former Tweeter name.

At first, a ton of tweeps thought she was going to give her Twitter page to Medikal on the basis of him being indefinitely suspended for impersonating Nana Addo.

In any case, on a more profound notion, it was discovered that wasn’t the case at all, instead, she was unpretentiously raising concerns about her marital troubles.

Medikal likewise shared a post on his Snapchat to inconspicuously throw shades at Fella Makfui by portraying her as discourteous, unappreciative and stressful.

In the midst of this commotion, Fella Makafui has omitted the name ‘Frimpong’ from her Twitter name, and has presently replaced it with her full name, which is Fella Makafui Precious.

At first, she was identified on Twitter as Mrs Precious Frimpong, however as of now, she can be found on the bird app as Fella Makafui Precious.

All things considered, this entire issue can be a facade, put in place just to stand out as truly newsworthy in order to be in the cover of news headlines. Consideration is a gold mine for famous people, and thusly, they do whatever they have to, to be in the news whether on a positive note or a negative one.

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