Moment Delay Cried On Live Radio As She Addressed Her Critics – VIDEO

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During a recent radio presentation, Ghanaian media personality and show host, Deloris Frimpong Manso who is Delay in showbiz broke down as she addressed her critics.

In the video, she was heard revealing the reason why some people hate her to the core adding that she is really tired of everything happening.

In her submission, she said;

“My crime is that I gave you life and you want to take life out of me. Because what? My reputation? This is not right and has to stop at some point.

We are the senior bullies. I don’t want to argue with anybody on social media. If you have problems with me, meet me one on one let’s settle it. I have businesses to run.”

Watch the video below;

Some reactions the video got are;

Akosua Asantewah – It’s ok to let it all out even if it’s has to be tears.. strong people get tired too.. because that’s human💜.
Ungrateful people exist but after crying over them.. just move on and whatever they say or do behind you should not bother u anymore because u HV cried it all out.

Anane Wisdom Cike Mawulolo – Delay is human. Even the proudest person on Earth sometimes sheds a tear. It’s not easy to always be the target of insults and uncultured words. You might pretend to be strong but inwardly, you can’t just let go the pains
I wish you well. Be strong

King Kwame Blakk – Hmmm people like that have really destroyed homes and relationships than even the devil himself. The most devastating and damaging effect it leaves on the victims is that, they never wish to help anyone else in their lives again due to their bitter experiences. If that’s what really happened, then the other party didn’t try at all. I have not listened to the other party’s side of the story so I can’t conclude authoritatively on this long standing issue between both parties. Delay needs help. She really needs to see a clinical psychologist or a therapist to help her overcome this accumulated anxiety, hurt, pain and depression. Also, she needs to get off work for sometime to get healed of this canker.
A very good man of God that she’s close to can also be of great help to her. She needs our prayers as well.


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