Delay Calls Out Female Celebrities For Pressurizing Fellow Young Ladies

Pro Ghanaian television and public broadcast expert, Deloris Frimpong Manso, prevalently known as Delay, has sternly pointed out her fellow female influencers in positions of impact, for exerting needless pressure on young ladies who emulate their every lifestyle.

Female show hostess, Delay.

Talking during an occasion, Delay intensely descended on her fellow female colleagues in positions of influence, who have undergone surgical operations to upgrade their body features.

As indicated by her, she’s stunned that individuals are presently obsessed over the idea of flawlessness, and superficial things, without realizing the undeniable truth, that they’ll one day seize to exist, hence leave behind all their worldly possessions and accessories.

As prompted by Delay, young individuals ought not be moved by the extravagant way of life, celebrities portray on social media, on the grounds that the vast majority of them do a ton of sickening things in the background to fund the stylish way of life they exhibit to us on various online platforms.

She further more uncovered how a portion of these recognized female superstars venture out to Dubai only to eat human excrements in order to be renumerated afterwards.


Despite the fact that she mentioned no names, various cybersurfers have connected McBrown, Kisa Gbekle, Sandra Ankobiah, Joselyn Dumas among others, to the range of guilty folks, as underscored by Delay, who have engaged in body enhancement operations.

The previously mentioned celebrities, are identified for displaying their alluring lifestyle choices and pleasures on social media, to the naivety of yound ladies, whom as a result of desperation, unquestionably jump into irrational decisions without thinking about their options, under the influence of their exhibited lifestyle.

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