Date rush: Bella shocks fans after revealing her secret in an interview

Date rush

Bella of date rush has caused a stir on social media as she reveals her deep secret.

A participant of Date Rush, Bella has disclosed that she doesn’t put on pant!es at all.
During an interview with Zion Felix on the uncut show, Bella announced she does not wear panties and does not have any in her wardrobe presently. This got a lot of people talking but that is how she wants to dress as she disclosed.

Bella stated that from her childhood, she has not and still not wearing panties. She made it clear that pant!es makes her uncomfortable so decided to stop wearing them.
It can be concluded that she is now used the dressing without wearing a pant.

Bella also said she doesn’t have panties in her wardrobe but has in-stock underwear.

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