Building a house is vanity, I won’t take it along when I die – Oboy Siki says

Oboy Siki

Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki, made it clear in an interview with Delay that building a house is a total vanity and he will not build.

Oboy Siki knew he would be asked questions after stating that building a house is vanity, he then quickly made it clear that no human being has ever carried his or her properties along when they die and as such, there is no need to acquire one.

Making his point stand strong, the Kumawood actor cited an instance where the late veteran musician, Nana Ampadu had several mansions but couldn’t take any to his grave.

He also made it known that most of the musician’s houses were claimed by families in the long run.

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“I came empty-handed, I’ll leave empty-handed. I have no regrets for not building a house. Where I’m I taking a building to? When Nana Ampadu was alive, he built several houses but when he died, we only heard of just one located at Lapaz,” - He said

When he was asked whether he intends to instil the same belief in his children, the 69-year old actor said;

“In the first place, I won’t allow any of my children to take up my profession. This acting profession is very useless and cannot help you in life. If any of my children try to venture into my profession, I’ll kill him or her. If any of them tries, they’ll face the music. I’ve dedicated my children to God. I want them to live a good life. Although I won’t decide for them what to do, I won’t allow any of my children to tow my lane. If you are my child and you try to pursue acting, just know that I’ll kill you. I can even feed you with rat poison. It is a useless and a shameful job.”

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