Black Sherif Misses Out On Bagging BET Hip Hop Award’s Best International Flow Category Honors

Black Sherif Misses Out On Bagging BET Hip Hop Award's Best International Flow Category Honors
Ghanaian artist, Black Sherif.

Black Sherif Misses Out On wining BET Hip Hop Award

Black Sherif’s determination to sweep home his most memorable and significant global award, died out after he was outbidded for the sought after BET HipHop Award’s Best International Flow to French rapper, Benjamin Epps, on October 4, 2022.

After Ghanaian heavyweight rapper, Sarkodie, won the International Flow category dating back in 2019, the subsequent Ghanaian performing artist to have been nominated for the prestigious award was the Sad Boys President.

The seventeenth edition of the BET Hip-Hop Award was headlined on October 4, 2022, and it filled in as an occassion of accomplishment. Prior announcements concerning this year’s celebratory award event, was advertised on September 12, 2022.

The highly attended event, was chaired and hosted by Puerto Rican-Cuban American rapper,Fat Joe.

American Hip-Hop rapper, Drake, had the most tagged nominations with a total number of 14 slots, matched up by fellow mainstream American rappers, Kanye West, now called Ye, and Compton based rapper, Kendrick Lamar, each having a 10 space slot of nominations respectively.

Reporting Benjamin Epp’s success in an Instagram post, BET stated: “Congratulations to Benjamin Epps on winning the 2022 BET HIP HOP Awards BEST International Flow! Please see attached digital assets for your talent and team” as Cited by

Black Sherif Misses Out On Bagging BET Hip Hop Award's Best International Flow Category Honors
Black Sherif.

On the other hand, entertainment savant on United Showbiz (UTV), Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, has said young upcoming artists such as Black Sherif, owes Sarkodie a huge appreciation for taking steps towards the international music community.

Arnold purported that Sarkodie was the foremost African artist to utilize his own rap skills to win the BET Best International Flow award, which has now turned into an enviable attribute of respect.

He guarantees that this clearly spurred Black Sherif to prevail with his music and break into the worldwide market, based on his recent accomplishment as the primary Ghanaian artist to outperform with over 100 million streams on Spotify.

“The recognition is big but it will be icing on the cake if he wins it,” Arnold logically stated.


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