Black Sherif Dragged To Court By Former Management, Here Is Why

Black Sherif

Black Sherif’s former management has taken him to court for breach of contract.

Prior to this development, ABN’s DJ Slim accused Black Sherif of signing a new contract with Empire without the permission of his former management.

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DJ Slim also claimed that his former management spent nearly $300,000 on Black Sherif before he was able to break through and become a household name in the Ghanaian music industry.

The young and promising musician was also given a house and two expensive cars to facilitate his vertical movement.

We don’t know what happened after Black Sherif sneaked out of the house given to him by his former management and went on to sign a new contract with Empire.

Based on the writ of summons that is currently trending on the internet, Black Sherif’s former management has proposed to the court that the artiste be barred from performing at shows and events for the time being.

Also, all the revenues that have been generated from his online streams should also be accounted for.

Many of the singer’s fans on the internet are seriously begging the management to withdraw the case from court and settle the scores at home.


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