Amazing Foods That Will Boost Sperm Quality And Fertility Rate In Men

by Ghnewslive

Here are some amazing foods that can gain you more sperm quality and fertility rate as a man

Bananas are the obvious choice for increasing sperm production. This phallic-shaped fruit is rich in Vitamins B1 and C and magnesium, which increase the mobility of the sperm and help in sperm production.

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Bananas also contain a rare enzyme called Bromelain, which helps boost sperm count and motility.

Additionally, oranges and pomegranate juice both have high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins in them. The vitamin C found in oranges has been shown to improve not only sperm mobility and count but also the morphology and overall health of sperm.

Do not also forget apples are considered a balanced fruit with a good mix of all nutrients. They’re low-calorie fruit, so they’re a great choice for getting the nutritional benefits of fruit without all the sugar that’s found in other fruits. For men, apples are recommended to increase sperm count.

Below are some fruits that can help you boost sperm and fertility in human:

Bananas (medium size), 17%

Pomegranates, 30%

Oranges, 10%

Kiwi, 15%

fruits rich in vitamin C.

Dark green, leafy vegetables.

Fatty fish.




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