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Benkum SHS Teacher Involved In S€x Scandal As Video Leaks

Benkum SHS Teacher

Benkum SHS, which is located in the Eastern region of Ghana, has been trending for all the wrong reasons, in an incident that involves a teacher indulging in s€xual acts with a student of the school.

The alleged act involves three Benkum SHS teachers. However, only one of these teachers has admitted to the incident and rendered an apology to the authorities of the school and all stakeholders in education.

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The case has been reported to the Akropong Police Command and an investigation is ongoing. Also, the education offices of the Akuapem North District and the Eastern Region have set up a Committee to investigate the matter, resulting in the halting of payment of the salary of the English teacher, one of the teachers involved.

Isaac Bannie, one of the teachers alleged to have committed the act denied it when contacted, stating that the student involved is a family relative. However, the scandal has been confirmed by the police commander and the headmaster, Mr. Nyarkoh has assured of further investigations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Emmanuel Darko has apologized to the authorities and stated that relatives of the victim are threatening to kill him. He admits to the wrongdoing and states that his apology is not to save face or his job but a sincere one signifying his remorsefulness.

Below is his full apology:

”My apology

I accept I’m a coward. Yes, cowardice made me do all that I did. Having my salary blocked in this very difficult economic situation we find ourselves in and the concomitant loss of my job put me in a state of insecurity and made me waspish which caused me to react in that way.

To me, I felt the girl has destroyed me so I wanted to pay her back but my retaliation has been extreme and even put the name, teachers, and even students of the school into disrepute. I pray to God to obliterate every painful indelible memory my action has caused everyone involved in this mess.

Yes, I’ve allowed myself for a school girl to bring me down and now I accept every aspersion and slur anybody would cast on me, such is life.

This apology is not to please authorities to help me get my job back, no, because that’s highly impossible but to make everyone know how remorseful I feel about my utterly preposterous action.

I regret. I regret everything I’ve done, everything. Right now I feel useless, I feel like my life is not worth even a discarded kitchen pot. I’ve erred and therefore beg for forgiveness from the entire staff, especially the teachers involved. I’ve been infantile in my actions and dragged the name of the school into the gutters. The family of Adwoa (not real name) is threatening to kill me, which is, of course, the bitterest punishment because I think even incarceration isn’t enough for me, death is.

And to the headmaster, Mr. Nyarkoh, I’m deeply sorry for causing all this mess. I’m sorry for allowing emotions to cloud my brain to act in this very silly way.”

Further clarifications resulting from further investigations are expected in the coming days and we will deliver them to you.


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