Amerado Announces Intentions For His Upcoming Wedding Event – Gets Fans In A Hyper Mood

Ghanaian rapper and lyrical expert, Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, most popularly known as Amerado, also recognized for having an intimate relationship with famale media personality and entrepreneur, Delay, has interestingly set the date for the occurrence of his wedding event, in the wake of the release of his album project, called God Is Not Asleep (G.I.N.A), for his fans and admirers to get a glimpse of his plans ahead of time.

Ghanaian rapper, Amerado.

The rapper, who has unsuspectedly shown signs of getting married, or having the commitment terms to make such a significant move in his life, given his still undefined relationship status with Delay, has decided to take a bold step in solidifying his intentions to his unrevealed bride-to-be, via a social media announcement.

In a tweet, rapper Amerado, otherwise known as younger KA, uncovered that he will get marrried after he successfully releases his finest album project, G.I.N.A (God Is Not Asleep), as a new addition to his stride of victory.

The eagerly awaited album work, is set to be released today, October 25. The album has a conclusive track collection of 10 tunes on it. The Kumarican rapper, decided to go in for a blend of musical appeal, as he featured a total of 8 different artistes on the soon-to-be released album.

Amerado, after coming out with the news of his marriage plans via a tweet, has stirred up a lot of reactions, as many fans of his, as eager as they are to know about the details, have began asking the rapper exactly who the lucky lady he intends to build a life with is. As expected, many observers have tipped Delay, who happens to be the rapper’s partner of some sort, to be his future wife to be.

Others on the other hand, believe that the rapper is attempting to amass hype and attraction for his album release, by alerting his fans and adherents of his plans to get marrried, hence devising a strategy to sound a notice, via giving off a marriage tweet heads-up.

Fans have however, expressed their varying opinions with regards to his decision and declaration of commitment, as they forward in their responses as seen below;

Fellow fans of Amerado responding to his plans of getting married.

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